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Dr. Joseph Rosado is a pioneer in the Medical Cannabis Community as being one of the internal medicine doctors in Florida to start the trend to recommend Medical Cannabis as a natural alternative for his patients. He proudly shares his vast knowledge of this medicine to Police Agencies, Doctors Offices, Community Groups, and Medical Associations. Dr. Rosado is experienced & respected in his field as being the ‘go to’ for understanding the do’s and don’ts of this new medical product.

Our medical cannabis consulting agency is ‘at your service’ – we want to be referred to all your friends and business associates after we do an amazing job for you! We are proudly serving all of the newly legalized Cannabis states and the numerous communities within them. Our consulting services for medical cannabis education include group workshops, in-person presentations, one on one consulting, online courses, specific interest area, legal understanding of the laws surrounding this topic and more!




Joseph Rosado, MD, Medical Cannabis Author & Consultant

He is quickly becoming the best medical cannabis consultant internationally.

Joseph Rosado, MD

Author – Medical Cannabis Expert – Consultant

Why have Joseph Rosado, MD as your Medical Cannabis Speaker?

Licensed medical cannabis (also sometimes called marijuana) treatment centers are authorized to cultivate, process and dispense medical cannabis. In May 2018, the Florida Department of Health filed a proposed rule to expand the application process to register additional medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTC). The medical cannabis market in Florida is on pace to be valued at $110 million by the close of 2018. This value is expected to grow to $750 million by 2020.  According to the Florida Department of Health, while over 100,000 patients have registered for medical cannabis licenses. Did you know, physicians must successfully complete a 2-hour course and examination before being certified?  And that is just one state meaning that is just the tip of the iceberg…

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