What is Medical Cannabis?

What is Medical Cannabis?

What is Medical Cannabis?

What is Medical Cannabis? This is the most basic question asked to a doctor by a patient.  This blog article from josephrosadomd.com will briefly answer the question for you. Enjoy!

Medical Cannabis – What is it?

Medical cannabis is a plant-based medicine from the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica species with three major active compounds: THC, CBD, and CBN.
This medication can be used for numerous ailments such as:

  • pain
  • nausea
  • muscle spasms
  • anxiety
  • multiple sclerosis
  • low appetite
  • sleep problems
  • autism
  • epilepsy (seizure disorders)
  • pain relief from cancer and other terminal conditions

The health benefits of medical cannabis include relief from many types of pains and muscle spasms. It can help with nausea associated with chemotherapy and anorexia as well. There are studies that show the benefits are seen in immune function, neuroplasticity, emotional and mood regulation, vascular health, and digestive function.

Unfortunately, the research on medical cannabis is limited due to the government restrictions on this medical product. But as the public outcry increases for state and federal legalization of cannabis for medical use, the number of studies will certainly increase.

What is it at a scientific level?

The science behind it is limited but studies of the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system studies suggest that benefits may include neuroprotection for MS, epilepsy, and other movement disorders. Which therefore can benefit a number of mood and anxiety disorders.

Yet there are side effects when using cannabis.  The minimum amount (i.e. in very recommended low dosages) when used – can cause dry mouth, feeling happy, and fatigue. When a patient is recommended a higher dosage, the side effects of the THC are sometimes dizziness, paranoia, feeling happier, and other psychoactive effects.

What is Medical Cannabis
What is Medical Cannabis?  Dr. Joe Rosado

So again – What is medical cannabis?

The new rapidly becoming popular medication comes from the cannabis plant. It has been used for centuries across the world.  Many civilizations have used the plant for medical purposes and this was the case around the world up until the 19th century or to be more specific the early 1900s. Therefore, it is simple to see that medical cannabis is the medical use of the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant to relieve symptoms of or treat diseases and conditions.

I hope this article helped you learn a little more about what is medical cannabis and shared the answers for you. If you want to learn more about this schedule an appointment with Dr. Rosado or purchase his book on Amazon.